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Post by Veronika Roussaeau on Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:30 am

*Demons- Though they hold a physical beauty that by far surpasses that of any normal human, don't be fooled by what they have to offer. Respectively as sons and daughters of Satan, they are truly evil down to their very core. They are against all that is holy and curse the name of god. They want nothing more than to lure down the innocent with their temptations, and corrupt their immortal soul so that they too can be rejected from heaven. Sometimes they'll even make an attempt to claim people for themselves, and take them directly to hell for their own personal gain. They are stronger, and faster than humans, and have a higher resistance to heat. They can summon monstrous demons to assist them, and are the only beings who can open portals and the gates to hell.

*Were-beasts-Creatures known as Children of the moon. Their power matches that of a vampires, making them their natural rivals and often enemies. They are more irritable and slightly unstable once angered. They rely on instinct and instinct alone during their battles, though despite their gruff behaviors they mean well for the human race and the wood-folk. Acting as the earth's natural hunters to search out supernatural predators that pose as a threat against the world. Their ability is to naturally shift their body parts, or entirely become the animal they represent. ((You choose the one animal you become.))

*Fallen Angels- Angels that have given in to temptation or have sinned to the point where they are banished from the land of heaven and rejected through the eyes of god. Though they remain unworldly beautiful, their wings are tainted gray or black, depending on the severity of the crime they had committed. Though most are neutral, some turn towards hell in hopes of finding a place of acceptance. Though they have the same abilities as any other angel, they have lost the ability to return to heaven.

*Angels- Truly Beautiful on the inside and out, these graceful beings of God are the most holy and pure out of all the races. They are kind ,sweet and gentle with everyone in their own different way, and they spend their eternity assisting those who prayed for help and healing those who are in need. Likewise to the demons, they have a higher resistance to temperature, and are stronger and faster than any human. Though they cannot summon their own kind to assist, or use any sort of temptation for persuasion, their weapons can purify anything they cut through. Likewise, they are the only race who can open portals and gateways to heaven. Their distinctive feature being their pure white wings.

*Mechs- Humanoid androids that look and feel like every normal human. Though inside they are made with advanced technology programmed with human emotions and traits to make them alive. They are loyal servants to their programmers and their side depends on the intentions of their master. Physically they are stronger, than humans and have a higher resistance to damage due to their large amount of mass and natural armor disguised as skin. With their masters, is when they reach their full potential in strength. Though before you decide to run off and make an army of mechs, have in mind that it is the Mechs who choose their masters and allow the programming processes. Not you.

*Enchanted Ones- Mystical beings such as witches, fairies, mage's ect. Who rely on their magical powers to help them through difficult situations. They are mostly mischievous and playful in nature and take joy in pulling pranks on others, though they mean no serious harm. They are a neutral race and are the borderline between human and spiritual beings, and tend to just do as they please.

*Nekos-Quiet, and timid humans with legitimate cat like characteristics and reflexes in both feature and behavior, they are more known as a slave like race rather than a specific threat. They are commonly used for sex by both human and demon alike and are sometimes kept as a master's house keeper and pet. Like most cats would a dog, they fear were-beasts instinctively. What their intentions are is unknown.

*Vampires- You would be an idiot if you were to think they are the disco balls in which Stephanie Meyer portrays them as. Yes they are beautiful and immortal, but their intentions lean towards a darker path. With their canines unnaturally sharpened like fangs, and their eyes verifying from red, pink, and purple. They crave blood of human and animal alike, and are stronger and faster than humans and equal to the were beasts whom they see as a nuisance. In attitude, they are known for being arrogant, though clever. And are capable of creating other vampires through their bites, but only if they will it so.

*Wood-Folk- Elves, nympths, sprites ect. Are all good natured down to earth , these peaceful pointed eared people are known for their old fashioned ways, as well as being rather cheerful and friendly with everyone that they meet. They are excellent archers and healers who hold good intentions. Though they are very protective of their land and unforgiving towards the people who disrupt their territory. They live longer than the humans, and are immune to illness, and are one of the few races who know the paths of each and every forest by heart.

*Snow people-A race of beings who control and manipulate Ice. They live up in the frozen cold mountains of their world. They are shown as quiet and rather curious people rather than hostile. And they enjoy the cold and despise heat, having a much higher tolerance for frigid temperatures than any other race. They have the potential of being rather charming, and hospitable people though they can be intimidating when you provoke their patience. They see any fire elemental as an enemy, and tend to be more irritable when forced to stay in warmer weather conditions.

*Shadow people Pale white people who was once a shadow of a human being until their death. With dark hair who live deep in the shadows. Though they are quiet and collected they hold evil intentions deep within their hearts, being the darker versions of what their human self used to before death. They despise the light more than any demon and vampire could, and they love darkness. Even willing to provide a thick mist of it for their allies to hide in when they need a cover. They are widely known for their stealth, and are the best spies. With their ability to sneak up on people, see in the dark, and as well as camouflage themselves into a shadow to creep about silently without the possibility of making a sound.

*Superhumans Regular humans with their own superpowers that allow them to blend in with the other beings that live about in this world. They are neutral, and they mostly focus on protecting their world from harm that could be given through other races. Though they are the youngest and not the strongest out of the rest, they have the most stamina out of the groups, and an incredible amount of determination that can catch most off guard.

*Dreamers A mysterious race of ageless people that are neither both good or evil. Being the oldest race in existence, they are rare in numbers, and are known for their wisdom and vast knowledge. Though as good natured as they come off as, they only help others who they deem are worthy of their assistance. And hold the power to create, and control vivid illusions at will, as well as being able to invade the dreams of others. ((In order to be this race due to its powerful side ability, you have to prove you're worthy enough of having it by creating an additional rp sample, demonstrating how you would use the ability if given to you with the advance of having to ask the entire staff for approval.))

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