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Ashworth, Madara : Vampire Empty Ashworth, Madara : Vampire

Post by Madara on Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:25 am

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

Ashworth, Madara : Vampire 19

The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Madara Murakami Ashworth
Age: {Unknown.} 24
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Novelist/ Writer {Takes most of his time doing}, Designer {Clothing wise}, and Manager in a mysterious work station. {May come to be explained.}

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Appearance: Madara is a fairly attractive character, though many say that he is majorly attractive. He just sees himself as average or not so much to look at. Madara's hair is between dark chocolate brown to rather slick black coloring, his hair has a rather nice effect to it. The top of his hair can be seen as a dark chocolate coloring, but as you go down underneath it does it give a black coloring. This is fairly a good effect in his hair for both of the dark colorings blend together really well, many can see that his hair is rather interesting due to it also being healthy. His hair is rather on the short side if you were to look at him from face to face, however his hair is a tad bit longer in the back with faint amounts of it coating his shoulder's rather well and evenly. Madara's hair is a little on the straight side though it does oftenly curl on its own when he walks somewhere or gets it wet. His hair rather does whatever it wants, and he doesn't mind for he likes his hair the way it is. Madara's eyes is a unique blend of bland red with a black coloring mixed in. Meaning, his red will blend with his black making it look like the colors are alive and thus in tune making another color. His eyes do however take a purple shade when the colors stop moving and let the red stand alone, thus making it a bland red and purple. Madara stands at a height of 6'7 and weighs a little over 140 pounds, he does have even muscle which helps him in the lifting objects department. This man is rather skinny but you can see a lot of muscle that is whenever he uses it. Madara is a man that takes pride in his work more than his looks, though many of the opposite sex can not help but stare at him which then makes a few enemies that are not worth worrying over. Men that over react to every little thing when it concerns their women does not concern Madara, he has better things to do. When it comes to his clothing does he choose the kind of clothes that fit him and making him look good. When it comes to first impressions, no one has to worry about Madara for he takes things seriously. Especially, if it means impressing the parents of his choice mate. Most of his family wore jewels to show their high class nature, Madara however does not. Simply, he wears chokers or rings and that is all. When it comes to buying them for someone else, he would not hesitate to do so. Especially, if the person was close to him or were in terms of a friend. He'd of course ask you first before buying.

Personality: Simply, Madara is a man that is quite mature as well as viewed on as a 'Gentleman' this however is a mask that he uses to his advantage. Others have come to fear Madara for he lets nothing get to him all that much. He fears hardly nothing and never does he show that he is scared. Madara is indeed a man that loves to work and keep his mind on things, he can't help but work and keep doing so without showing any signs of stress. This man loves to work as well as take notes on every little thing that he comes across. Madara loves to converse with people though when he does do people think that he is rather weird or that they can't trust him. It is just the air that he gives off. Madara is pretty much old school when it comes to everything, though he is learning on the new things quite fastly. Most people have said that Madara is kind and caring, that is of course only to the people that he cares for. However, this doesn't change the fact that he can be stubborn and he can be a little on the irritable side. Madara oftenly takes things to seriously and that can be counted as a bad habit. Unlike the other vampires, Madara can better control himself when it comes to needing blood though if offered by someone he may not deny your offer. Madara is indeed a noble man who can be quite loyal to the one he chooses to be with, he will never let you down. Though, there are times when people have said that he is mysterious which in truth he is in more ways than one. That just tells you he is hiding most of his thoughts and emotions and may come to share them. Maybe.

Likes: Cooking for himself and others {Makes pro course meals}, Asking for permission for blood, Writing, Designing clothes and making them real, The moon and its light, working, keeping organized, talking with friends, being there for his lover, and a little of everything else {Will be shared later on}.
Dislikes: The light of the sun at its brightest, Rude people, Abusive people, Being used, Not being able to work or focus on his writing, Being useless for his lover or friends.
Sexual Orientation: Unknown. This is more of a serious matter, if he comes to like someone alot he may give them a very nice proposal.

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: Madara has two weapons which are simple and will be used when extremely needed. The main weapon he will use is a sword that he keeps with him at all times, the other weapon he will use is a pole of black iron which he mainly uses to defend. He has one weapon for offense and one for defense. Everyone can see his katana of normal length in its sheath which is being held by a belt. This sword is behind him which is fairly covered with his long black trench coat. The black iron pole can easily be flicked out from his left hand side.
Special Ability: Madara's ability is a rather closed off ability which is controlling Lightning. Using his lightning to deflect or attack. Simple shocks will be launched at the target, this is when he chooses to fight. Other times he will use it to defend if he wishes to not fight. However, this can only be used if he charges enough lightning in his body which allows him to use it. Example: He will charge enough energy into his body, and when he reaches a certain amount will he use it for mainly offense or defense. When he decides what he is going to do with it, he will stick with it for the whole time in battle. However, Madara never uses this ability unless he really needs to or if someone that he cares for was in danger.
Strengths: Speed, Strength, Lightning
Weaknesses: Sunlight at its max, Seriousness {Madara will come to get to serious and thus let it cloud his judgement}, Earth
Element: Lightning

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth: 08/ 17
Place of Origin: Uknown, though it is rather estimated that he came from a place similar to France
Relatives: {Mother | Aoi | Deceased, Father | Asch | Deceased, Little Brother| Kaleb | Unknown, Grandmother | Hazel | Deceased, Grandfather| Luther | Alive, Step Brother | Daemon| Alive, {There are a few more, this family is rather large and take things rather seriously when it comes to family for there are a lot more family members.}

"Everyone wants a beginning and a happily ever after, you see it all of the time in the fairy tale books that you read. This book however is quite different from any fairy tale. I shall share with you a time that is rather unreachable to your hands. Yes, you may come to hear it for I am telling you this. However, you may not come to grasp it all that much. I apologize in advance. Well, shall we begin?"

Long ago in a mansion that was large and wide, lived a family that was rather large in the up-bringing of their children. Way before a child was born as well as given a name, was their fate already determined by their parents. This family was indeed cruel and selfish, for if the child did not do what they were told. They were to be killed without any second thoughts. Madara was the first son to be raised by his mother named Aoi Ashworth, along with her husband Asch Ashworth. Madara was already given the fate to be a novelist as well as a writer thanks to his mother's interest in books and the complicated arts of writing. However, Asch didn't see this as a job fitting for his son and thus signed him up without telling his wife anything about it. This job was indeed a mysterious job, this job was all to dangerous for most of the clients were not to be trusted. This job was a organization that seemed to run on pure blood and sweat of its co-workers. However, this didn't mean that Madara was going to be a simple co-worker but the boss to run over it. Due to the fact that his father was the boss, did he wanted to give this to his son way before anything else happened. This job was indeed mysterious as well as hard, it was more like a company than a organization. This company did indeed run well, but why was it dangerous? Well, one could not simply step out of the company. It was like a old school mafia that was completely ruled by vampires, however their work was very much classified in codes that were way to complicated for just a simple boss man to make out. These codes were indeed locked, and only the smartest of people can hack the codes. Asch had the codes and he was going to give them to his son to memorize. Not much is known on what the company makes, but it does involve a lot of paperwork that needs to be signed and sent every 4 days of the week. It is best estimated that the work they did in the company was to better fit vampires for the family. That being so, the company made blood tablets for only the family and only the boss could determine who gets any outside of the family. This work was indeed high classed, and Asch was going to give it to his first son. Aoi was indeed delighted that Madara would be a novelist, though she could not see what her husband had already planned for their son. As their son grew did the parents became very proud indeed, they were so very proud that they allowed their son to do whatever he wanted due to the fact that he listened to his parents rather well. Never one did he speak back to them. It was all going good.

As the years came in this noble family, did Madara grow up to be a fine teenager. Now seventeen, did he want to make his parents even more proud. The only way he could do that was go to school which was rather high class and rather hard but he had went anyway without any second thoughts. During this time, did the parents come to have another child by the name of Kaleb who was quite the opposite of his older brother. This however did not bother the parents for they took him as he was, after all his fate was already set by the time he was born. Madara had come to graduate from the high class arts school, and when he had returned home did he spend time with his younger brother. As the time flew by did Kaleb grow to be a rather troublesome teenager, he had come to deny what he wanted to do. Asch and Kaleb fought oftenly which worried Madara as he stood at the top of the grand looking staircase looking into the lobby.

"How dare you deny our wishes! We are doing this for you!"
"Like I care! I do not want to do what you want me too! I hate the fact that you want me to be something that I am not?!"
"What?! How is a doctor something that you are not! I thought you loved to take care of people! You do, do you understand me?!"

Madara's eyes looked to his dear mother Aoi who was breaking by this scene, tears escaped her eyes which made him feel pity. All that he could do was to comfort her by placing his arm around her shoulder. She of course responded by placing her shaking head into Madara's strong sturdy left shoulder. Everyone in the family knew what would happen if someone denied what they were fated to do. Tears were the only thing that could be shade, for not this words could get them out of it. Night had fallen quite fastly, the arguments of course still continued and Madara knew it was only a matter of time before someone would hear this and tell their Grandfather who was the decision maker on the matter of who would be killed or would he be forgiven. No one knew, and Madara had to put a end to it. After the last shout was shared did the door slam on Kaleb's end. Madara waited until the awkward silence before entering his little brother's room. Kaleb was surely upset, Madara knew this and that was why he was there with his brother. They were going to talk. Maybe then, would things work out for his little brother as well as his rather large family.

"What is it that you want to do so badly?"
"I-I want to be a artist. It has always been my passion to draw. Why can't father or mother understand that?"
"Kaleb, you know what happens when..."

Madara looked to his brother silently as he let out that loud yell of annoyance. Kaleb had his head down, his eyes were closed tightly and he was shading tears. Even he was scared of what may come to happen to him tomorrow.


Kaleb blinked wide eyes as he looked at his older brother shocked. Madara looked to his brother rather calmly, he stared at his younger sibling for the longest time. After ten seconds of awkward silence did Madara speak again.

"I wish for you not to die. Pack your things in secret, and leave. This is not only for me, but this will also be for our parents who are more heartbroken than you or I. Do you understand?"

Kaleb cried and nodded, approaching his brother he bowed his head in a silent motion of surrender. Madara nodded with his eyes closed. The brother's will soon be no more, and it could not be helped. Madara didn't want his younger sibling to die, and so this was the only way to save him as well as save his parent's hearts. Madara left his little brother's room in silence and returned to his own room. The night sky was still seen in the distance of the windows that were grand in size due to the size of the mansion. Morning had risen, and Grandfather had come to decide the fate of Kaleb. Grandfather and Father both walked to Kaleb's room only to find out that he wasn't there. Aoi was also shocked when Asch ran downstairs telling her. In the room down the hall, laid Madara in his king sized bed. Dark curtains were up keeping the sun away from him, his eyes were closed and you could tell that he was heartbroken. Never would he see his brother again. Perhaps he may come to get a letter from his little brother, but that was to unlikely.

Not long after a month, did Aoi come to perish due to a illness that had come to hit her within a blink of an eye. She died peacefully in her sleep. Asch was heartbroken but he moved on, however it failed. Madara watched as his father struggled to keep himself and his mind straight. Asch did come to date a few women but none of them lasted for a week. Always the dates would end two days into them. Asch couldn't take the dating anymore and thus adopted another son to keep his mind off of the countless datings. Daemon was named this by Asch, Madara was indeed surprised by this action but he accepted it without any complaints. Daemon and Madara met on and off and right away did they come to hate eachother, both were from different families which could be the cause of their hatred for one another. Not long after the fact that the brother's could not get along did Asch come to perish due to stress and depression. During the same time did Grandmother come to pass away. Madara knew that life limited and so he was going to make the most of his life. Daemon wasn't upset about the death's and carried on when he was old enough. Madara knew that he to would do the same and thus left the mansion for the other remaining family members to fight over. During the time he had come to leave his home was he called to meet with his Grandfather who gave him the will that his Father wanted him to have. Finding out the so many things from the will, did Madara decide to start his own life from there doing the jobs that were given to him. So much things had happened during that time, that he has come to adapt to the many new things. Madara learned on how to take care of himself and then some, that even includes on how to defend himself as well as maintain himself if he to comes to find someone to love or cherish. Upon coming here, he hopes to do just that as well as a little of everything in between.
Et Cetera: Madara's middle name was given to him by his Grandmother when he was born.

Madara is the only one out of the family that is left handed. Unlike, the others in his family who use their right hands does he use his left hand. His writing is quite better than the ones that write with their right hand.

About his mysterious work, his father made money in selling blood tablets to vampires that didn't want to drink blood. Oftenly, back long ago did vampires come to court normal humans and thus they didn't want to drink their blood as well as turn them into a vampire. This is where the mysterious work started. The Ashworth family was indeed rich which could keep a company like this up on its feet. Sadly, most of the people that were not in the family or were in good terms with the family were denied the tablets. This is where this kind of work got dangerous, many of those that were denied would lash out which would cost them their lives. The paperwork that he does is signatures, he signs his name therefore allowing those or denying those by this paperwork. It is indeed a hard job, but Madara takes pride in it. Though, he left the family he still has the data and records of the paperwork which concerns the company. Meaning, he researches the tablets and attack their weak points whenever he is online or other wise. The co-workers still work in the company, however they never leave from the company for they have stayed with the company for years.

The Ashworth family had come to live peacefully in France, though they were a distance away from Paris, France. They still lived there in secret. The total member's in this family is rather a large guess. Many of the family members are related to Madara in a cousin status, as well as a few uncles and aunts. Luther, being the Grandfather was and still is the head of the Ashworth family as well as fortune. However, in the will he had gave Madara the option to take the fortune. That fortune is titled in Madara's name, and he can unlock it whenever he chooses though he never does. He is of course saving this money when he comes to find someone to love and or cherish. When, love does happen in his life will he determine to use the money or not.

Daemon was not a vampire, he grew up fearing them but then that fear turned into hate. This is where it happened that he and Madara never did see eye to eye. Madara's age is unknown for he was brought up long ago back in the old days where the past was all to important. This tells you that he is a good number older than Daemon. Kaleb's location is still not known, which worries Madara but he chooses to wait until he hears something from Kaleb.

Due to the fact that he is a novelist/ writer, Madara has come to produce 5 books with several different sagas to them. These books that he has written explains his family and when they had first come to be. The several saga's are known to tell many people of what the family had to do to get to where they were today as well as other hard choices that they had to make. These books are rather complicated, and one may need to be skilled in the writing arts to read such books. The writing in each book is a beautiful combination of well known words as well as imagination. Not to mention, each book was written with a feather quill. This is a old type of style of writing, and Madara has indeed become a expert just to make his mother proud. If not prouder.

Lastly, the mask earlier mentioned in his personality is all to true. Madara never allows much of his emotions to show, this was only cause many people did not spend time with him growing up. Actually, many people feared him and wanted to stay away from him due to his different point of views. Madara displays being a 'Gentleman' to everyone only cause he was told to do so by his parents. Though, they were proud of him he couldn't help but feel left out in a way. Sure, his mother and father loved him very much. He of course could understand that, but why was he so different from everyone who made friends? There wasn't much that he could think about, for he actually let it slide and ignored it over the years. Madara's emotions are all a mask in some shape or form. He will appear happy and kind, but it is all for show. A lot of people could tell it, and when they do does he simply go back to being a silent mature adult that he had come to make himself out to be. Madara is indeed a dominate male, though he doesn't appear to be he is. This tends to happen a lot, for he will let someone know it the hard way by letting his mask of doubts fall and showing a rather ruthless side which fits a old school vampire. Madara is indeed cold and thus he follows his old instincts to be rather heartless and a bit on the dark natured side. This is however if one tries to over power him in a bad way. Everything else about his mask will be shared in due time, and hopefully he will let some positive emotions out.

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