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Chamberlain, Adela : Vampire Empty Chamberlain, Adela : Vampire

Post by Adela Chamberlain on Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:12 pm

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

Chamberlain, Adela : Vampire 69926

The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Adela Helena Chamberlain
Age: (375) 19
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Traveling entertainer

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Appearance: If one looks at Adela they will see a typical vampire on the outside. Crown of long, silvery white hair that trails to her ankles. Peircing blood red eyes are cast against pale skin. Adela stands 5'10" tall, and is thin at only 136 pounds. A trait she shares with most vampire females, the figure of her body has made men stop on the street, literally. It's all part of her allure to draw in prey, a beautiful body and face. Though her pale skin is slightly disrupted by lip peircing below her lower lip, a stud usually graces the spot.
Personality: Adela is by no means a 'normal' vampire. Most would expect vampires to be regal, cold, and sadistic. Then they look at Adela, and she is almost a mirror opposite:
v Friendly: The old saying "Don't talk to strangers"? Adela does not beleive in that at all. Strangers are just people who aren't her friends yet! Though a big majority of people who see her fangs become terrified and run away from her, there are some who stay and get to know her better. She's social, and isn't about to change that.
v Tomboy: Adela also has another out standing quality about herself that makes her differ from her royal bretheren, she is a total tomboy. With a deep love of contact sports, greasy foods, and other manly things, Adela questions why people wonder why most of her friends are guys. This part of her she lets out as much as she possibly can, because it's who she is, and to also spite the spirit of her vendictive mother.
v Easily angered: One thing hasn't changed though, Adela still has that vampire temper. Say something wrong to her, or offend her in anyway, you might wake up the next morning missing a few teeth. While she has gone through many years of training to keep her blood lust out of her temper, she will still knock you out with a good old fashioned ass whooping. So watch your step, with her vampire strength one punch or kick and it could all be over.
v Pyromanic: With her element being fire, and her preformances circling around fire, it's no surprise that Adela is a pyro. She loves to set things on fire and watch them burn. She also loves to play with fire often, so if you see her doing so do not be alarmed. Through hard training she has learned to master fire...mostly.
Likes: Fire, blood, sports, friends, moon light, preforming for other people
Dislikes: Water, sun light, pink, having people not like her, being told what to do, cats
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: While her fire dancing show consits of full length swords and knives, Adela carries a pocket knife with her at all times. Nothing special, just a simple switch blade pocket knife. Though it may be simple, Adela knows how to use it with precision. With her years of studying, she's learned all the weak points on the body, be you human, were-beast, what ever. So watch out if you see it, it just might be the last thing you see.
Special Ability: Pyrokenisis: Plain and simple, the ability to control and summon fire. Through hundereds of years of training, Adela has mastered this art, and some have even claimed to see her 'talking' to the fire. Though her powers are strong, she will only us them if the situation has no other solution. Adela prefers to use her powers to dazzle people, not burn them to a crisp.
Strengths: Speed, strength, fire
Weaknesses: Sun light, water, her raging temper
Element: Fire

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth: {05/20}
Place of Origin: Terra
Relatives: {Mother | Precilla | Deceased}; {Father | Cedric | Unknown}; {Older brother | Nicholas | Unknown}
May 22nd, 375 years ago, Deep in Terra territory
The wrath of heaven, in the form of a wild thunderstorm, beat the world below with a barrage of rain, wind, thuner, and lightning. In the deep woods of the southern border of Terra, a stately home lay nestled in the comfort of a shallow valley. All the windows of the manor were dark, except one.
On the second floor of the manor one single, dim light flickered through the glass. On the opposite side, a young man with pure white hair, pale skin, and deep blood red eyes sat haunched over a crib. Lying inside, his sister, born not two days ago, had been crying due to the storm. Her older brother, Nicholas, had been comforting her for so long, that the candle that illuminated the room softly was now easily five inches shorter then before. As the little girl whinned softly when thunder clapped over head, Nicholas brushed her cheek softly to calm her down.
As he watched his little sister slowly returning to sleep, his sensitive ears picked up the sound of talking in the next room, his parent's room. He quickly looked down to the baby, she was asleep again. Slowly he crept to the wall behind her crib, and pressed his ear tightly against the cool surface. He listened, very closely.
"Precilla you are making too much of this."
That was his faher Cedric.
"Cedric, she already fusses too much! I have watched her tear apart the perfectly nice clothes I made for her!"
His mother Precilla. He too was there when the baby had ripped apart the little pink dress her mother had gone and made for her.
"She is an infant, she doesn't know any better!"
"No! This child is a handful! I will not tolerate such behavior from a Chamberlain lady! She will act accordingly, and be proper or else she is no child of mine!"
Nicholas quickly retreated, partily because he was so horrified that his mother would say something like that, also because his sister had been woken up again and was about to cry. He quickly picked her up and hushed her gently, she in turn quickly falling back asleep on her brother's shoulder.
Nicholas stood there for a long time, listening to the rain pattering against the window as he mulled over his thoughts. Would mother truely disown her own child, just for acting the way she did? Nicholas softly placed his sister back in her bed, and brushed some of the white hair from her face.
"Do not fret, I will always be here to protect you, Adela. I am your elder brother, and I will always love you, even if mother refuses to."
Fifty years later
Precilla bellowed, frighting one of the maids in the hallway to near death. The vampire woman came in to find her daughter dressed in commoners clothing, the dress she baught for her tossed carelessly on the floor.
"I do not like that dress mother! It is so terribly uncomfortable!"
"I do not care!! You are a Chamberlain you will act like one!"
"Then I do not want to be a Chamberlain anymore if it means I live under you!!"
Precilla was appauled, and after giving her daughter a sizable smack across the face ripped the clothes from her body and shoved her through the dress. She then procedded to drag her downstairs to meet their guests. Nicholas turned to see Adela fighting to cry after he heard mother screaming at her, and saying if she cried she would spend the night outside.
He whispered as he approached, Precilla stopping to look at her son.
"Allow me to take Adela into the kitchen and calm her down."
With a smile Precilla kissed her son on the head.
"Such a good boy, why can you not be more like Nicholas you insurferable child?!"
She muttered, throwing Adela into her brother. As Nicholas picked her up, Adela stuck her tounge out at her mothers back as she walked to greet their guests. Nicholas set Adela on the floor, and begsn to wahs her face with a cold towel.
"She hit you again didn't she Adela?"
He asked, easily taking note of the red mark on his sisters face.
"Y-yes. Nichols, why dose mother not love me like she loves you?"
The sudden question made Nicholas stop, then he softly embraced his sister.
"I just do not know Adela, but father and I love you very much, never forget that we are here for you."
Adela embraced her brother in return.
"Thank you big brother."
One century later
"Father please let me come with you!"
Adela begged, now looking like a normal human child would at the age of nine. Cedric sighed and picked up his daughter, holding her by the backs of her knees.
"No Adela, you cannot come hunting with me."
"But Nicholas is at the tutors and with you gone that will leave me alone with mother! She hates me! She hits me and calls me horrid things and forces me to do things that I do not want to!"
Cedric sighed, he knew that Precilla did these things, and they had faught about it many a time before, but what could he do? Precilla was the love of his life, she was kind, atleast to him and Nicholas. Torn between the two woman he loved most, and afraid that Precilla's family would hunt them down and slaughter them if they left.
"I am sorry Adela, you cannot come with me. But I think I have an idea for you to be out of the house, atleast for a while."
He turned and opened the door, as if on cue, Precilla walked down the stair well and caught sight of them.
"Cedric where do you think you are taking Adela?!"
Adela clung to her father, how her mother frightened her.
"I am just taking her to see Nicholas. She misses him, and he should be done with his tutoring session soon, they can play while I hunt then I can bring them home tonight."
Precilla scowled at her husband and mate, but then decided to let it be and walked away. As Cedric walked outside, the sun just having set, Adela hugged her father tightly.
"Thank you father."
"Do not fret Adela, I swear one day you will be able to be yourself, and your mother will not be able to stop you."
Two centuries later
Cedric was right, Adela would get the chance to be free from her mother. But in an all too horrible way. Adela now looked to be a dazzling woman, at the human age of eighteen. Now Precilla was talking about marrying her off to some man she did not even know, and that had driven Adela up the wall. She screamed at her mother, saying that if she did force her to marry, Adela would bring unbearbale amounts of shame to her, and ran out into the forest night without another word.
Such a horrible woman, how Adela hated her and wished she would die. She ran for nearly five miles, and at last settled on a tree to stop and rest. Tears of blood burned her eyes, and she quickly swipped them away so not even the moons rays could see her pain. She bit her lip, drawing her own blood, and quickly licked it up, at first she thought it was just the scent of the blood lingering in the air from the bite. But then she smelled the air again, smoke...FIRE!
Adela ran as fast as any vampire could dream to, and coming upon the clearing where her home would be, she stopped as horrified as she could be. The home she was born and raised in, had been set a blaze by vampire hunters, Adela quickly hid behind the brush as the hunters made their get away. As soon as the last one was out of sight, ehearing, and smell, she dashed through the brush, tearing her dress apart as she ran for the flaming front door.
The heat of the flames kept her back, and she shouted for her father and brother. The flames suddenly erupted, and Adela fell to the ground as she heard a scream come from within. That was her mother! All she could smell was the smoke, no sign of her father or her brother. Slowly she pushed herself up, and turned, and a voice called in her head as if by instict, 'run, run away and never return'. And so she did.
Tears of joy ran down her cheeks as she raced through the forest, away from the hell her mother had made into her home. She could hear her dress tearing and ripping, but didn't have to give a care in the world. Her mother was dead, she was free. A horrible thought to anyone who didn't understand, but she was free!
Adela kept running, she had no idea where to go or what she would do now, all she knew was she was free to finally be herself. What a blessing this night was.
Present day
In the recent days, Adela has traveled all over the place, living how she wants and spiting the spirit of her mother with great glee. Though she is still searching for her brother and father, she knows that they are still alive, they have to be. And so, Adela now travels the country side, entertaining the masses with her dazzling feats of fire, living how she wants, free as a bird. Just what she was born to do.
Et Cetera:

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Chamberlain, Adela : Vampire Empty Re: Chamberlain, Adela : Vampire

Post by Veronika Roussaeau on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:52 pm

Very nice, descriptive application. ^_^ I enjoyed reading this, and by the power invested in me, I know pronounced this application APPROVED! Welcome to the site, and have fun rping!

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