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Shy, Flutter "Amortentia" : Angel

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Shy, Flutter "Amortentia" : Angel

Post by Flutter Shy on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:44 am

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Flutter "Amortentia" Shy
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Occupation: N/A

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Appearance: {Look at Picture}
Personality: Amortentia’s gentle, serene ways makes her unusually attractive to all types of forest animals, whose care and high priority. She'd like nothing more than to spend every waking moment caring for her animal friends in her secluded meadow cottage, and that's because she is, well... shy. Sweet, soft-spoken and often fearful, her friends treasure her kindness, but have to work hard to help her come out of her shell. To their surprise, however, she emits an intimidating strength when she witnesses someone being treated unfairly. Amortentia has a lot of fears to overcome, but certainly one day her strength of character and enormous heart will make her a force to be reckoned with.
Likes: Woodland creatures, peace, happiness, friendship
Dislikes: Hatred, fear, dragons, loud people
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: Amortentia's weapon is called Arx, translated from Latin as Citadel. It isn't actually a building, but a set of butterfly pins that are usually attached to her clothing somewhere. When she began as an angel, she did not have the pins. Now, probably millions of years since her creation, she has them. Arx has three specialties about it.
The first is called Vivum Clipeus, translated as Living Shield. Vivum Clipeus calls upon two of the butterfly clips and creates a dome of protection around Amortentia. The butterflies, once called upon, are colorful instead of just the same pink as her hair. The first butterfly, Eros, is a brilliant red that blares like fire. The second is Hera, a dark royal blue butterfly. The two are also called when using the second specialty of the pins. The shield is made of solid light and can be easily broken if darkness surrounds it. Without the purity of the sun's rays the light shield will break and Eros and Hera will return to their clips.
The second specialty is called Sanitatem Alis, otherwise called Healing Wings. Eros and Hera are called also and with magic powder that they sprinkle across a wounded area. It doesn't heal deep down wounds, unfortunately, but scratches and cuts and, sometimes, bruises. It's weakness is wind, though the butterflies are made of light. If a strong wind blows, the powder will disappear. The butterflies won't, but without their powder they are weakened.
The third ability is called Abscisa Capitula, Severed Heads. It is a weak offensive specialty that cuts through very thin surfaces. It can cut the skin, but thinly and without much pain. The butterfly that is used for the ability is named Ares, a butterfly that is colored emerald green after it is summoned. He is a weak butterfly that can be knocked aside by hand. He is quick but without power. Amortentia usually uses Abscisa Capitula to cut down vines or other thin plants. She also uses it to weed out her garden.
Special Ability: Amortentia's special ability is called Tangere Cor, Touch the Heart. She can bring two people together, as long as they are compatible and willing. {AKA this doesn't work unless there is a plot working to put them together :D} It is a passive ability that can be broken after weeks of incompatible fighting and anger towards the other partner. This is also how friends come together, with the power that she uses to bring people together. {Which also only works if there is a plot for them.}
Strengths: Darkness, Light, Children, Kindness, Happiness, Animals
Weaknesses: Darkness, Cruelty, Adults, Hatred, Depression/Sadness, Humans
Element: Light

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth: {04/03}
Place of Origin: Heaven | Lived Among The Romans
Relatives: {'Father' | Creator | Existing}
History: Flutter Shy goes by the name Amortentia because she was the angel that brought two people together. At least, she was one of the angels that did so. She still does from time to time but instead of bringing people together magically, she will do it physically.
As a young angel, she lived in the clouds, teaching the newer angels how to translate languages and speak them as well. The angels that were older than her believed that her ability would have something to do with languages. With the angels encouraging her to continue this job to keep her on the path of languages, the little angel hardly ever left her classroom. She wasn't very fond of the young, loud, playful angels but they grew on her. Many of her students fell from grace later on in their lives, not living by her motto of "love and love until you can't love any longer". It hurt her heart that she had failed to teach her students anything. She did not age, though her mind grew older and her heart grew heavy with the worry and burden of her exiled and fallen students.
It was few thousand years later that she was sent on a mission to Earth, to find a former student that was wreaking havoc among the humans. She went down there and, when she found the troubled humans whose relationships were being ruined. She mended them, without trouble and found her way to her student,
During the battle, Amortentia found herself. A light flashed and her power overtook the world in love as she gained herself. And that was how true love was born.
Since then, she has been quite well off.
Et Cetera: Amortentia is a potion in Harry Potter, a very powerful love potion that causes strong infatuation and lets off a smell of the things that attract you. For Hermione, it was freshly mowed grass, spearmint toothpaste, parchment, and Ron. Amortentia is the optional name of her ability.

Template created for World Conflict by Constantinople's Finest. Quotes taken from the anime Code Geass. Anything written in the template is of the person using it. The template was inspired by those used on other sites.
Flutter Shy
Flutter Shy

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Re: Shy, Flutter "Amortentia" : Angel

Post by Constantinople's Finest on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:47 am

Lovely ability!
Accepted party! )o) (o(

Constantinople's Finest
Constantinople's Finest
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