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Bell, Evelyn : Snow Race Empty Bell, Evelyn : Snow Race

Post by Evelyn Bell on Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:14 am

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

Bell, Evelyn : Snow Race Vanille

The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Evelyn Cordelia Bell
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Race: Snow Race
Occupation: N/A

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Appearance: Evelyn's hair is natural in color, resembling that of a soft pink rose. Due to it's large curls it's very difficult for her to maintain, thus she usually will keep it up but on occasion lets her curls loose. Her body is very feminine, though her round face is more similar to that of a child. She has staggeringly bright sea green eyes that compliment her softly rosy cheeks on her pale smooth skin well. She stands only at 5'5" but this gives her a lower center of gravity and allows her flexible body more balance and poise. While her frame is smaller and thinner, looking to be fairly petite she is not to be messed with. She may not have a lot of physical force behind those blows, but she makes up for it with strategy and resourcefulness. Her supple, smooth skin is completely unmarred, mostly due to years of being pampered and protected. Since she is of the Snow Race she overheats very easily and prefers more chilling temperatures, thus it is very comment to find her in more revealing clothing.
Personality: A word that most people choose to describe Evelyn is passionate. She has always been a woman of passions. She expresses herself best through love and is a very empathetic person. Though loving, she is still quite the spitfire, she would not spare a second to give mercy to those who seek to take advantage of her. Quick witted and silver-tongued are two words used often. Along with her fiery spirit she dives into things headfirst and wholeheartedly, often without thinking sometimes. One too many times has she felt the brunt of consequence from a word to hastily spoken or a love too quickly given. She also loves to express herself through art and will give the entirety of her being over to her work sometimes, losing countless nights of sleep. Because of her loving nature and vulnerable features most people believe Evelyn to be a weak girl. However, Evelyn has a brave and unwavering attitude, she may look to be a loving and gentle as a fawn, but she has the skin of an alligator.
Likes: Art, oil painting, archery, storytelling
Dislikes: Being told what to do, double standards, heat, close proximity to any open flame.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: Evelyn wields a simple but decorative longbow made of yew and finely crafted to outperform most mediocre bows. Though she possesses arrows she has no need for them and instead creates them perfectly from the moisture in the air when necessary. Aside from her bows, Evelyn carries a very simple 18" dagger with an ivory handle at her hip which she uses in desperate times of close combat.
Special Ability: Since Evelyn is very dependent on her bow, her accuracy must be precise. She instead controls the temperature of the moisture in the air to carefully affect the energy and thus the pressure surrounding the arrows path, which she uses to very accurately guide her arrow. She must have keen precision in order to accomplish such a feat and thus requires much concentration, her ability works best for long distances. It is also deemed useless against those also able to manipulate temperature. However, she still has fair accuracy without her ability.
Strengths: Agility, strategy, hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses: Physical strength, Fire/heat, impetuousness
Element: Ice

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth: 01/22
Place of Origin: Venice, Italy
Father | Amerigo Moretti | Deceased
Mother | Paige Moretti | Unknown
Brother | Nico Moretti | Unknown
History: Evelyn's mother was originally from the north, from the home of her snow people. She was a beauty in her village and agreed to be sold to a Nobleman in Venice, Italy to become his wife, Amerigo Moretti. In return her family and village would be taken care of. As Amerigo's wife she first gave birth to Evelyn. Since Amerigo was not too concerned about his daughter he allowed his wife to do with her what she pleased. Paige named her daughter Evelyn rather than choosing an Italian name since she too was part of the snow race. A few years later Eve's mother gave birth to her younger brother, being a boy Amerigo insisted on raising him the right way, the Italian way, giving him the name Nico although Nico also carried the characteristics of the snow race. Her and her brother were raised very different, while Nico was learning how to become an elitist in the Venetian society, Evelyn studied the culture of her people with her mother. However, since Evelyn's mother was bought like an object Amerigo treated her like one and Evelyn was not sparred either. In fact, no woman was as Amerigo indulged himself with countless prostitutes.

While learning of her culture from her mother, she secretly taught her how to make bows and wield a dagger. She taught her daughter all the things any girl would have been properly taught in her village. Knowing Amerigo would not approve they continued to do this in secrecy however. As her father continued to go through countless prostitutes there was one in particular that Evelyn had grown increasingly fond of. As soon her father learned of this secret bond he was outraged and quickly went about arranging a marriage for his daughter since her mother refused to do it herself. This was also during the turn of a new era in Venice when prostitutes were only met with scorn and banished. It wasn't long before Evelyn was wed to a new man, one that treated her just as Amerigo had treated her mother.

Eve stayed not a week with her husband, she would not tolerate the abuse and rape, and in the dead of night, slit her husband's throat. Afterwards, in the same night she made her way back to her home and killed her father in his sleep as well. The next day she accompanied her mother back to her village but did not stay there. To this day she does not know about the whereabouts of her mother or brother, only that they are most likely still alive. After the murder of her father, she spent the majority of her life wandering throughout Europe, defending herself from all harassment and pursuing art, her passion.

Et Cetera: After leaving Venice Evelyn decided to take her mother's maiden name, Bell.

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Evelyn Bell
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Bell, Evelyn : Snow Race Empty Re: Bell, Evelyn : Snow Race

Post by Constantinople's Finest on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:33 pm

Interesting ability you have there! This entire character is fairly intriguing, to be honest. c: Enjoy your time on the site.

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Constantinople's Finest
Constantinople's Finest
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