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Post by Veronika Roussaeau on Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:26 pm

Fire is a highly volatile, passionate element which takes a great deal of passion to produce and control. The element of Fire involves, obviously, fire and all things related to it [such as heat | but not super-heated forms such as lightning]. With the Fire element, one is also able to not only control but also produce fire and its affiliated forms such as heat
Strong against: Forest,and ice
Weak against: Water,earth

lThose with the element of Water are able to control any liquid substance that is even partially water; even mud. However, there is a slight drawback to the element of Water. While users of this element can control it in its liquid state [water] or its gaseous state [vapor], they are unable to control it in its solid state [ice]. This is because, as with Fire and Lightning, Ice has been discovered to be a different element from Water. Therefore, Water users are able to control water up until the point it becomes actual ice; from that point on, it is under a different elemental jurisdiction.
Strong against: fire
Weak against: Lightning, Forest, and Ice

ice, once known as a side element to Water, has since been discovered as a separate element of its own. The element of Iceencompasses both the actual form of ice as well as the ability to lower the temperature via the water particles in the air. While users of this element cannot control the parent element of Water, they are able to freeze it and make it their own element, which gives them a slight edge over that element. Giving the superhumans that have control over it a slight advantage over the hunters.
strong against: Water and earth
weak against: fire

The element of Lightning encompasses both the actual form of lightning as well as electricity. With the Lightning element, some have been known to call lightning from the sky, override electrical systems, and charge up electricity in their own body.
Strong against: Water
weak against:Earth

The Forest element consists of plant and wood-based attacks, and is often associated with natural healing and poisoning. Most people tend to confuse this and the element of Earth. They are not the same, but they are considered neighboring elements.
Strong against: water and earth
Weak against:fire and wind

With this element, its controller manipulates ground-type attacks and rock-type attacks. Earth is mostly found in these forms, but most things that make up the Earth [such as minerals] may be used, as well. However, please note that “Metal” or “Metal control” is not an element. It is a special ability. The Earth element is used stereotypically, being assumed as an element controlled by people with a vast amount of strength.
Strong against: Fire lightning and wind
Weak against: Forest and Ice

With Wind, its controller has the ability to manipulate the very air around them. It is a neighboring element with Lightning, simply because when air and static electricity combine, it forms lightning. However, if you use the element of Wind, despite the laws of physics, you are not able to use the element of Lightning.
Strong against: Forest
Weak against:Earth

Light is often considered the holy element, but it does not always have to be holy [the same as Fire is an element and heat is its attribute; Light is an element and “holy” is its attribute]. There are infinite possibilities with the element of Light, as there can be with any element. It is most often seen in attacks of concentrated Light or holy energy. Its natural enemy is the element of Darkness, which is both a weakness and a strength.
Strong against: Darkness
Weak against: Darkness

Though it may seem complicated enough to understand, users of the element of Darkness are much the same as users of Light. They are able to manipulate the matter of Darkness to give it a physical, tangible form that can serve as either offensive or defensive. An example would be manifesting a shadow into chains or vines that would then restrain someone, or shifting a sheer layer of Darkness over themselves or someone else to shield them. As Darkness is considered an element of sorts, the possibilities of manipulating Shadows are as vast as the simple manipulation of another element; there will always be advantages and disadvantages.
Strong against: Light
Weak against: Light

Spirit can be considered one of two things- Either it's a sort-of Ki or Chi energy, or it is Life Essence. it can be concentrated into an energy-like state for attacks or to produce transparent shields- It is also one of the only elements that can be used for healing without having to do it in a round-about way (like using Fire to cauterize a wound). Spirit is perhaps the hardest element to control. If one does not have the proper energy to control it, one will be taken over by it. Users of this element are said to be able to see, touch, and possibly even call upon the spirits of the dead.
Strong against: itself
weak against: itself

(note:Keep in mind that with all elements, the possibilities of things that can be done with each element is limitless; it all depends on how you word it, and how creative you are.)
Veronika Roussaeau
Veronika Roussaeau

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