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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! {Site Rules}

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! {Site Rules} Empty Hear Ye, Hear Ye! {Site Rules}

Post by Constantinople's Finest on Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:30 pm

These rules are meant to be followed. Please read through them. We enjoy your cooperation!

  • Respect is a key thing here. We will show you respect as long as you show it to us. We can all take a joke, however be careful what you say.

  • We don't necessarily have a word count on the site, but please refrain from posting one line. Posts consist of good grammar and spelling. Please make the minimum about one paragraph (five sentences) so people replying to you have an easier time.

  • One character per account, please. Be original. You may have unlimited characters, but please make sure all are active.

  • Graphics are fine and good, but please make them tasteful. No nudity or advertising. If nudity is used, the picture will be replaced. If advertising occurs, we will relink you to God knows what. Unless you want someone to surprise you, please don't advertise. <3 The maximum for signature width is 500. Height is okay as long as it isn't too tall. If that interferes, a height restriction will be added.

  • The rating to this site is Mature. Sure, there is going to be gore because this is bleach. We fight, and we kill. However, if the topic strays from the rating of PG-13, allow everyone to know by marking, "Mature" in the topic title or use spoilers. This is a privilege, so don't abuse it~. As for sexual content, due to forumotion being a group of butthurt mormons, no sex is permitted in topics. HOWEVER! You may take it to PMs. Keep it there, and all is good and dandy.

  • Privacy is another thing. If someone doesn't wish to tell you something about themselves, please refrain from badgering them. Okay? Okay!

  • The chatbox is a privilege as well. Please don't be advertising in it, or someone will come and troll your site. WE TROLL BECAUSE WE CARE.

  • Attempt to not argue in the chat. If need be, take it to PMs. We don't want the drama llamas to be let loose.

  • Drama is not permitted in the cb. If you have a legitimate problem and need someone to talk to, message one of the staff members and we'd be happy to help. But if you're just whining and moaning for the attention and it's obvious, I warn you now. YOU. WILL. BE. TROLLED. No questions asked.

Punishments for breaking these rules are up to the administrator dealing with the punishment. Usually you get a warning. If continued, a punishment will be distributed. The staff has the right to edit and add rules into the list, so keep watch!
Constantinople's Finest
Constantinople's Finest
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