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Jaspers Performance Wagon (Open) Empty Jaspers Performance Wagon (Open)

Post by MoonlitKnight on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:36 pm

A small wagon stand in a corner of the square. It is decorated in elegant drapes and posters of plays and artist. Jasper lays sleeping at the head of the wagon. His horses tied up at a post eat quietly as the dark clouds pass overhead and cover up the wagon in shade. the rain drops fall from them and splash down on his face gently. Slowly he wakes to more drops of water until he springs up and starts to frantically put stuff away and cover the horses.
"Man, why did it have to rain when I was having such a good nap. Oh well, plants have to live too I guess." Crawling inside to wagon he sets up his costumes and puppets along with other tools of his trade. "I really have to get more organized around here. I can barely find what I need every day."
Slowly he heads back to a cabinet and pulls out bread, cheese, and a half a bottle of 12th century Wine.
"Well no is as good a time as ever to finish this off. Too bad though. It was such a great year." He lays out on his bed and pours himself a drink.
"Cheers. To another day of the good life." Raising the glass to a small picture of a man placed next to his bed.

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