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Belcourt, Alan : Werebeast Empty Belcourt, Alan : Werebeast

Post by Alan Belcourt on Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:05 am

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

Belcourt, Alan : Werebeast FamMo

The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Alan Magnus Belcourt
Age: 520 {Appears to be twenty-one}
Gender: Male
Race: Were-beast {Wolf}
Occupation: Bartender, Law Enforcer

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Appearance: {See Picture}
Personality: +Debonair

-Short Temper
Likes: Sweets, Coffee, Tea, and Flowers
Dislikes: Sour and Bitter Foods, Soda, Orange Juice, and Loud People
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: Wristblade : Alan wears a bracelet of some sorts. Upon flipping his hand over, one can see on the underside that a blade with be released out that can be used for attacking. This is a close range weapon, however, so he must be within close range to attack someone with it. The weapon is made out of platinum, so he does not have any reactions to it.
Special Ability: Mirror, Mirror : With this ability, Alan can copy someone's appearance. He can get most details about them correct as long as he has a picture of them or has seen them before. However, he cannot get every little detail about them correct. However, there is a limit. He cannot continuously hold the form of another. It lasts a fair hour {Three Posts} unless he changes back before. He is usually exhausted after doing so and becomes fairly lethargic.
Strengths: Physical Endurance, Strength, and Intuition
Weaknesses: Temper, Water, and Silver
Element: Fire

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth: 04/19
Place of Origin: Milan, Italy
Relatives: None to name
History: Alan grew up in a large town in Italy. Most people were kind and went with the flow, but with a big city came big crime. A mafia group ran the streets at night. Children were warned to stay in doors. Alan, however, never listened. Upon ignorance, the gang had kidnapped him. They planned on making him of use. One held him down as another injected blood infected with lycanthropy into his system. With that came pain. The first transformation was always the most painstaking. Fortunately he had gotten used to it come the second transformation.

He spent the next few years attempting to learn how to control the change. Alan was able to do that much, but it was fairly tedious. He left Milan to study in Barcelona, Spain for a few years. There, he learned Spanish. It came in use, really. Upon his travels, he was attacked. Someone from the mafia that made him who he was gouged his right eye out. It was expected because in one of his changes, he had lashed out and killed several of the gang members. After rest and recovery, he found it necessary to leave and wander about. Years later, he ended up here to start a new life.
Et Cetera: Nope!

Template created for World Conflict by Constantinople's Finest. Quotes taken from the anime Code Geass. Anything written in the template is of the person using it. The template was inspired by those used on other sites.
Alan Belcourt
Alan Belcourt

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Belcourt, Alan : Werebeast Empty Re: Belcourt, Alan : Werebeast

Post by Isis Neferet on Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:40 pm

Belcourt, Alan : Werebeast Gumi-1

Belcourt, Alan : Werebeast Backgroundkab-1
Spoken Text - #009999 Casual
Thought Text - #009966 Inner
Battle Text - #CC99FF Fuck Off
Isis Neferet
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