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The Ban List

Post by Constantinople's Finest on Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:59 pm

This is to let everyone know what is not allowed with characters~.

Ability Bans:
  • Telepathy : Reading minds. {Metagaming}
  • Tracking/Sensing : Finding someone somehow {Metagaming}
  • Manipulation : This includes reality, time, people, etc. {Godmodding}
  • Soul Absorbtion : Taking someone else's soul, thus killing them. {Godmodding}
  • Granting Powers : {Godmodding}
  • Permanent Theft of Powers : {Godmodding}
  • Clairvoyance : The ability to see the future. {Metagaming and Godmodding}
  • Lightspeed Travel : Moving too fast for the eye to see. {Godmodding}
  • Negation/Immunity/Invulnerability : The ability to cancel anything on one's self. {Godmodding}
  • Complete Regeneration : Healing one's self completely. {Godmodding}
  • Resurrection : Revival of someone or something. {Godmodding}
  • Immortality : {Godmodding}
  • Rebirth : {Godmodding}
  • Phasing/Intangibility : Walking/running through someone or something. {Godmodding}
  • Wiping Memories : {Godmodding}
  • Omniscience : Ability to know everything. {Godmodding and Metagaming}
  • Omnipresence : Ability to be anywhere and everywhere. {Godmodding}
  • Summoning
  • Time Travel
  • Teleportation

    -More may be added, so stay tuned.

  • None!

  • None!
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