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Post by Xiulan Yeung on Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:15 am

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

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The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Xiulan Yeung
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Neko
Occupation: none

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Personality: Xiulan is a very quiet person, he's very docile but it takes a long time for him to get used to people. Xiulan can be very standoffish at first but when he warms up to someone he is easily excitable and playful. If he likes someone a lot Xiulan will be somewhat shy, but watch over the person for a very long time. If this person accepts him he will be very loyal and affectionate.
Likes: Quiet places, gentle breezes, warm places, meat, chasing things, hunting, gentle people.
Dislikes: Water, being cold, being teased, his tail being pulled, getting dirty.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: Xiulan doesn't like to fight but he is prepared to defend himself, haveing on him at all times a Shaolin whip and twin iron fans.
Special Ability: Xiulan's ability is simply being able to change into the form of a black panther, his only weapons in that form being his claws and teeth, though he doesn't use it to fight.
Strengths: Quiet for stealth, and claws for attacking.
Weaknesses: Animal form not natural in the area (easily noticed), still immature in size so not very effective in attacking.
Element: Lightning

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth: Oct 13th
Place of Origin: Shu, an oriental planet strongly resembling Earth's China.
Relatives: Mei Lin (mother), Father unknown.
History: Xiulan was the only son to the Yeung family on the planet of Shu. His family raised him to be proud and proper, as his family was of a high status in the world. He never had any problem with this ad he got along well with most people and felt no need to ever be rude to them. Everyone wondered what Xiulan's duty would be when he came of age. On their planet, at the age of 15, each male would be given a special duty by the emperor. It could be anything, and when it was said, you were not allowed to refuse.

When he reached the age of 15, Xiulan got ready to receive his duty, fearing he would have to become a soldier or something else dangerous. It was nothing of the sort, however. It was demanded that Xiulan be sent away to another planet as a peacekeeper, informing the people of that world that the people of Shu meant them no harm and urging them not to point guns in their direction. It seemed simple enough, but when Xiulan finally got there things were different. He didn't know how he would get his message of peace across and decided to simply live his life there for a while until he could reach a position from which he could express his people's message to everyone.
Et Cetera: N/A

Template created for World Conflict by Constantinople's Finest. Quotes taken from the anime Code Geass. Anything written in the template is of the person using it. The template was inspired by those used on other sites.

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Yeung, Xiulan : Neko Empty Re: Yeung, Xiulan : Neko

Post by Isis Neferet on Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:35 pm

I see you're finished with your character. :D That's great! Be careful on how short your personality is. Others might now let it slide.

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Welcome to the site!

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