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DEMON- Brown, Rigby (W.I.P) Empty DEMON- Brown, Rigby (W.I.P)

Post by Rigby Brown on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:53 pm

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

DEMON- Brown, Rigby (W.I.P) 34pgnly

The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Rigby's real name is Antonio Davi Benedito. However, only Mordecai knows of this name and it's otherwise rarely ever used. Instead, he goes by the name "Rigby Brown", with his most common nicknames being the following. "Riggy, Rigs, Rings, RB, Rig-tail, and Raccoon face."
Age: His actual age is unknown due to the fact that despite his modernly adjusted attitude, he has actually been around for longer than a few centuries. However, despite his old age, he appears to be in the middle of his late teens and early twenties.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon. Though he is often misjudged as a were beast due to his Raccoon tail and ears.
Occupation: Rigby currently holds a job with Mordecai as park caretakers. A job in which he often slacks off with and doesn't take seriously, though by some miracle is able to obtain and get payed for.

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Appearance: Rigby is a youthful looking man who seems to be no older than twenty or eighteen depending on the views that others make of him. Though standing next to his long time friend, Mordecai, one could see that they share both similar, yet entirely different physical qualities. With Rigby being considerably shorter than Mordecai by a foot and a couple of inches. Standing five feet and five in a half inches tall with additional height gained depending from the condition of both his hair, and foot wear. His hair being a dark, thick mass of chocolate brown that's tousled along his scalp in waves and curl with tuffs that stick up along all parts of his head while the rest falls along his forehead without getting in the way of his eyes or his thick eyebrows that are almost always furrowed in a sinister, or unfriendly manner that is evenly matched with his lips that seem to always be curled back in a pearly white taunting smirk, or aggravated sneer. His eyes are wide, and and a light golden brown that are framed within dark lashes, and are brought out in contrast to the dark circles that shadow equally beneath his eyes, and along his eyelids from years upon years of lack of proper sleep. Though despite this, they have adjusted fairly well to see in the dark, and his eye sight is a proper visioned 20/20. In contrast to Mordecai's taller facial frame, Rigby's has more width and followed with a square edged jaw that is slightly rough to touch due to his gravelly "beard" that leads to his goatee that he sometimes shaves off. Compared to Mordecai's lean build, Rigby's is slightly more stocky in his shoulders and is more muscular bulk to proportion out with his smaller body structure and height. Despite his seemingly lazy attitude, years upon years of fighting, running, and working out has toned the muscles in his body to crisp perfection that is complimented by his rich, dark caramel complexion that is given to him from the light. Though it's his tan that reveals the numeral white scars given to him from street brawls, making it harder for him to disguise unlike Mordecai who has a lighter skin tone than him. In similarity, their taste in modern clothing is spot on the same, save for their signature color choice. His main outfit consisting of a brown, long sleeve hoodie with a series of thick darker brown rings that go down both arms, a white wife beater or t shirt that he sports underneath, a pair of torn, tan baggy jeans and a pair of dark red sneakers to complete the outfit. In addition, he has multiple piercings, though none on his face, he has three black piercings on each ear. The main two being normal piercings, while his earlobes have small gages that are all covered up with black stud like "clips" while his hands are usually adorned with leather, fingerless gloves and sometimes during the day, he wears a pair of shades to finish off his "cool" look. The only "abnormal" thing about him that is the most noticeable, would be his bushy raccoon tail that trails out from the fitted hole made into the back of his pants, along with his raccoon ears that are usually hidden within the confinements of his hair, unless when sticking straight up in attention.
Personality: Loud mouthed, blunt, gruff mannered and easy to irritate are the main following traits of Rigby that are picked out when someone is first introduced to him. Unlike most, Rigby isn't afraid to speak his mind, and show exactly what he feels and thinks about certain things, situations, or people for that matter and is prone to getting in trouble for it due to his lack of respect and filter for how others may feel or react to such comments. He is foul mouthed and downright unfriendly to almost just about anyone or anything that just so happens to even look at him, or his friend the wrong way. Usually responding through violence, or threats soaked in a string of insults that lead to violence. Sometimes when pushed to the point, he won't think twice about thoroughly humiliating his victims. Being the trickster that he is, he will take his good old time with plotting out ideas for either vengeance, or simply for the sake of his own personal amusement. Though he isn't exactly the brains of the two, Rigby is street smart, and has a cunning and creative streak to him that allows him to act quickly, and effectively when the time calls for it. He also makes up for his lack of common sense with his ability to verbally manipulate people effectively within a bat of an eye with his compulsive lying, and the fact that he is hardly ever intimidated while in the act by anyone save for Mordecai. In a sense, Rigby is guilty of having a more immature demeanor. His stubborn, and competitive nature being a cause of it, considering that he refuses to accept any form of defeat that will end in his failure, and will end with him getting angry when he is argued with or proven wrong. He is also guilty of being rather possessive and envious of others when something that is dear to him is taken away without his consent. Even more so when he's favorite possessions and friends are concerned. Which is hypocritical in his part considering how he is a natural born thief himself. His obnoxious side coming to play with his loud remarks, and tendencies to make random noises when annoyed, amused, or excited. His signature sounds shared with Mordecai with their signature chant. "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!", "Hm-Hm, hnhmhmhm." or a serious of different beats that he claims to be "the best". Though when he isn't getting in to fights, and creating havoc around him, he is shown to be a rather lazy character. Usually spending his napping around certain times, eating and/or drinking whatever he can find in the fridge, or just sitting around playing video games and watching action films until offered to do something that appeals to his interests. Though surprisingly, as heavily flawed as he is, he isn't very interested in money, power, or people in a lustful regard, and even when he is, he has a short interest span due to the fact that he hardly likes anyone and he doesn't trust people in general. Thus, it takes a lot to hold his interest and to attract him in any way or form. In terms of money, he doesn't really take more than he needs to, and believes his physical capabilities is all the power he needs to get him by. That, and it takes "too much effort" in his opinion to try and take control over everything and everybody. In his words, "That shit's too overrated."

Despite the rough side to his personality, Rigby has moments where he can be a rather decent fellow. Once warmed up to someone, (or at least used to them) he reveals a more calm and laid back demeanor. More open to decent conversation, and he is more willing to tone down his bashful behavior to an extent until riled back up. His humor, though as filterless as it always is, is revealed more frequently and he allows himself to engage in a playful, more warm hearted demeanor. As mean as he is, he truly does care about the well being of his friends and often does feel guilty for his hurtful actions against them (which of course, he doesn't always admit)). Though of course, he isn't as mature and not even close to being as kind as his friend, he is loyal to his buddy and tries his best to help, even though some of the things that he does isn't always the brightest thing to do. In terms of interests, he loves music and everything to do with it. Whether it's singing, rapping, writing lyrics, going to concerts, playing his guitar, or just dancing around, he genuinely loves it and openly isn't afraid to express it. Rigby also seems to have a soft spot for small, cute things. Especially when they seemingly take interest in what he does, or at least says something cool or funny otherwise he doesn't care. He is also a fan of nighttime, and hardly sleeps during the night. When he does though, he's a very light sleeper and can be awoken at the sound of a pin drop.Otherwise, he usually prefers to stay up and watch movies in the dark, or simply sitting outside to watch the stars. He can be highly emotional with his reactions to the smallest of situations, making him highly predictable to others.

*Cool stuff
*Video games
*Action movies
*Slacking off
*Humiliating stupid people
*Joking around
*Tricking people
*Stupid people
*uncool things
*Being told what to do
*Uncool people.
*Boring people
*Old people
*People who try to steal away his friends.
*People who piss him off
*Annoying people.
*People who constantly make jokes about their moms.
*People who aren't funny.
*People who call him short.
*Getting smacked upside the head
*Losing to Mordecai in video games.
*Admitting to being wrong
*feeling guilty
*People who boast that aren't him.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. When he's in the mood, he'll interact with any gender if they manage to hold on to his interest, and they are attractive. Otherwise, it's nothing more than a one night stand of meaningless sex.

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: Rigby has a pocket knife that he carries deep in his pockets that has the ability to shoot out an infinite amount of blades one at a time. Though he prefers to use it as a regular switchblade, unless when his opponent is in a long distance out of reach.
Special Ability: N/A
*Unarmed/armed combat
*Master thief
*Height disadvantage
*Lack of trust in people.
*Easy to manipulate emotionally
Element: Wind

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Hell>Rio, Brazil
Relatives: N/A
History: {Write a brief description of your character's history. This is limited to a minimum of two paragraphs.}
Et Cetera: {Anything else!}

Template created for World Conflict by Constantinople's Finest. Quotes taken from the anime Code Geass. Anything written in the template is of the person using it. The template was inspired by those used on other sites.
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