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Neferet, Isis : Wood-Folk Empty Neferet, Isis : Wood-Folk

Post by Isis Neferet on Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:20 am

World Conflict
"When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

Neferet, Isis : Wood-Folk Untitled-23

The Introduction
"We are not terrorists. We are people of justice."

Full Name: Isis Neferet
Age: 700 [Looks 24]
Gender: Female
Race: Wood-Folk [Elf]
Occupation: Doctor, Former Spy [Often called upon for jobs still]

The Character
"False tears bring pain to others. False smiles bring pain to one's self."

Appearance: Isis has choppy green hair that frames the sides of her face. Her eyes are a pale blue eyes framed with thick lashes. When she stands a certain way in the light, her eyes appear to be green instead of the actual blue. She usually wears orange, as it is a color that she feels is left out. Despite her old and wise mind, she looks very much like a child. She stands at about five foot three inches and she weighs round about one-hundred twenty-five pounds. She has long legs and a fairly slim waist, her chest being about average. She keeps a pair of goggles on hand just in case she is need of a quick ride on a bike or a harsh sandstorm comes up.
Personality: Isis is affectionate and level-headed, full of kindness and acceptance. She tends to pull people in and comfort them with friendly and playful banter. She loves children as they are the youth of the worlds and she pities them for having to inherent such a destroyed world. She is considerate and thoughtful towards others, no matter how much she dislikes them or the flaws of the race they come from. She is empathetic towards all, whether she's gone through the pain or not.
When she is troubled, she is unfocused and confused. She requires help most of her time and she forgets
Likes: Isis, named after the Egyptian Goddess of Love, loves many things in the world. As she has been around long enough to explore the world, she understands what she dislikes and what she likes. A few of those thousands of things are: Wolves, creatures of the moonlight. Cats, the creatures that Egyptians so loving doted on. Forests and woodlands, nature filled places with living creatures and children of the wood. She also finds that she enjoys swimming and dancing, singing as well.
Dislikes: Even though she was named for Love, she dislikes many things. That includes: Flames, the ones that destroy the beauty of nature. Houses and buildings that distort places that should be left natural. Weapons that could take a soul away from a body. Women, in general, she dislikes. She has always said that women have an uncanny ability to piss her off. She also dislikes humans or any other creatures that destroy the earth in its natural state.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

The Collection
"I am his sword, I shall slash away his enemies and his weaknesses."

Weapons: Isis carries around an Italian Stiletto switchblade. It isn't anything special, just a thin, sharp blade used in close combat when she needs it. It has a green handle with a Gaelic design carved into it.
Her other weapon is a set of twins. They are a pair of Chinese silk brocade wrapped katanas, their fabric being green. They also don't have anything special about them besides their sharpness and throwing capabilities.
Special Ability: Isis has the ability of healing. It is called Photosynthesis. Any one of her people can have it, it just depends on how well they know how to use it. Photosynthesis allows Isis to suck in the suns nutrients and heal the wounds of both she and anyone she comes into contact with. She can use it to heal all flesh wounds, from minor to life threatening. She can also use it when she is not in the sun, but that would require draining some of her life force from her.
Strengths: Water, Earth, Animals
Weaknesses: Fire, Wind, Children
Element: Forest

The Genesis
"I have seen it for so long. Mankind's history is written in rebellions."

Date of Birth: 08 | 15
Place of Origin: Earth | Gaea
Relatives: Mother | Ceradona | Deceased, Father | Candona | Deceased, Sister | Iris | Deceased
History: Isis was born quite a few centuries ago, into a wild and untamed world where elves ruled over men. She originated from the country of Scotland, a place they called Middle Earth. She was three hundred years of age when her father had to move her away. The time of the elves had passed, and it was time for a new race to rule. That race, was mankind. Even back then, Isis did not agree with the encouragement of men ruling earth. She had seen their destructive nature and she refused to believe that any good would come of their take over. She was right, of course. A couple hundred years later, and mankind had all but destroyed it's natural land. The other elves of generations past explained to her that when the time of elves came again they could rebuild the Earth but she refused to believe that if they continued to let the humans rule that they would still have a world to rebuild. So she left her tribe, an outcast after shaming her family.
For one hundred years she left, becoming a doctor that traveled and faked her own death at one point and turning spy in the human's society. She only returned when her family's lives were threatened. She arrived too late, however, and she found her mother and sister raped and murdered in their rooms, and her dying father lying on the ground outside. The last thing that her father said to her was "This is your fault. If you had just stayed home, you would not have shamed and murdered us. Our blood is on your hands." He died shortly afterwards and left Isis in despair. She buried her family in a meadow, over in former Middle Earth, with the rest of her elvish ancestors. She found that the world there was still very much wild and beautifully untamed. Maybe her family was right, maybe there would have been a world for them to save after the elves returned. If only she had known before, she wouldn't have left home. There was no changing what she'd done and what she hadn't, it was up to her to make things right.
She returned to her work as a doctor among the humans, traveling everywhere she could to help others. She helped many young humans in India and those other 'third world' countries without proper healthcare. And she's done exactly the same thing since then.
Et Cetera: Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of Love. Though Isis Neferet looks nothing like an Egyptian, she has the same capability of bringing people together. It isn't an ability, it's just talent.

Template created for World Conflict by Constantinople's Finest. Quotes taken from the anime Code Geass. Anything written in the template is of the person using it. The template was inspired by those used on other sites.
Isis Neferet
Isis Neferet
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Neferet, Isis : Wood-Folk Empty Re: Neferet, Isis : Wood-Folk

Post by Constantinople's Finest on Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:54 am

Well, everything looks fantastic here! :D I love the faceclaim, by the way~. Characters with interesting hair colours are always awesome.

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Constantinople's Finest
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